Dica has recently presented a preview of its new collection. Two new series that expand the versatility of its furniture range. The new collection will also come with new materials and carefully selected finishings.

The Minor series, elegant, refined and select.

A sophisticated and contemporary version of the framed door, where subtleness is key to balance its stylised proportions. The Minor Series has a style that combines the classic and the contemporary, blending into the environment and creating rooms that breathe uniqueness.

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Chromatic harmony

The personalised design of the handle adds functionality and enhances the sober and elegant character of the Minor Series. The integration of the handle and the framing in the same tone as the door defines a pleasant chromatic range.

The L12 Series, demanding standards of performance

L12 Series responds to the most demanding projects, where the door material must combine maximum resistance and ease of cleaning. Manufactured in high quality laminates, it provides high performance in intensive daily use.

This new series is the evolution of the sophisticated aesthetics of the D12 Series. The subtle 12 mm handle and aluminium accessories are integrated into the furniture with our complete range of laminates.

Versatility and new finishes

The new L12 Series is available in the complete range of Dica laminates. In warm and timeless colours, natural wood effect finishes, anti-fingerprint and new textures pleasant to the touch that will arrive with the new Dica collection.

If you are looking for inspiration to transform your home, visit our studio to discover what we can do for you.

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