Doméstica Interiores - Custom Furniture in Tenerife

Are you interested in ordering custom-made furniture in Tenerife? At Doméstica Interiores we bring together the catalogue and the best services to find the most satisfactory solutions for furnishing your home. We are always committed to the most up-to-date design lines, incorporating the latest trends in the furniture we propose for the different spaces in the home, while paying attention to the functional aspects. Discover the particular character of each of the collections we propose for your kitchen, bathroom, wardrobes and home.

Our work when it comes to providing custom-made furniture in Tenerife has the backing of the DICA brand, which has been building its prestige as a manufacturer for over 30 years. With these guarantees of quality and durability, we are able to develop together with you comprehensive projects to create a harmonious space adapted to your tastes in any room of the home or in the whole house. We do not forget to offer solutions in terms of decoration and lighting, and we can even provide you with the ideal team of professionals to carry out renovation work.


Dica for Casa Decor 2024

The “Entorno” project is envisioned as a multisensory space filled with new shapes that transform the main distributor of the Palace, creating a conversation of opposites: past and present, neutral and sparkling colors, calmness and effervescence, becoming the perfect stage […]


At Doméstica Interiores, we know that your home is the heart of your daily life, a space that reflects your style and meets your needs for comfort and functionality. That is why we are very excited to announce our participation […]

Dica presents the first preview of its 2024 collection

Dica has recently presented a preview of its new collection. Two new series that expand the versatility of its furniture range. The new collection will also come with new materials and carefully selected finishings. The Minor series, elegant, refined and […]

Doméstica Interiors and Bang & Olufsen: A Partnership in Perfect Harmony

At Doméstica Interiores, we believe that excellence in design goes hand in hand with exceptional functionality. Today we are excited to announce a symphony of style and sound: Doméstica Interiores is proud to be a distributor for Bang & Olufsen, […]

The tap that does it all, now available at Doméstica Interiores

Just arrived at Domestica Interiors, the Quooker system is synonymous with comfort in the kitchen: it provides 100°C boiling, hot, cold and sparkling water directly from a single tap, all filtered. Contact our studio and book your appointment to discover […]

Kitchen in apartmente at La Caleta, Tenerife

At Doméstica Interiores, we have just completed a very special kitchen project in an apartment in La Caleta, Tenerife. The star of the project is the high quality lacquered in the fronts, available in a palette of subtle tones complemented […]